Thursday, January 19, 2017

Prince Ty

Me and Ty have come a long way together. He came back from two different homes and we kind of kept our distance emotionally because we didn't want to get too attached to him before he went to another home.

And then he kind of got lost in the shuffle when our marriage fell apart, at which point I decided there wasn't much difference between 3 and 4 Chihuahuas, so I made the choice that he would be my dog, for better or for worse.

Being shuffled around without a permanent home meant that he didn't have a lot of confidence. He couldn't jump into the truck because he wasn't allowed to jump in his previous homes. He let his sister Zoey push him around.

Prince Ty, with his Monkey'
Prince Ty, with his Monkey

But Ty doesn't have any of those problems now. He's now the referee among disputes in the pack. He can jump in the truck like a boss, and he's usually my co-pilot. He listens well and loves people. He's still a little scared of Zoey, but Zoey is kinda scary. If she crawls under the blankets first, she will bite him for coming under the blankets second. He's such an easygoing dog that he just takes his sisters bites in good humor.

Now he's not only confident of his place in the pack, his personality has really come out, and he's a great dog. Everywhere we go, he gets compliments on his good behavior. I was calling him the Golden Boy for a while, but now he's Prince Ty to me.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Settling Into A Routine

It's been a busy time here at chez Wing. Tidbit and Bear went back to their mommy, the outdoor blog is getting more stuff for review than I have time to review, and the Facebook page has been literally blowing up. I spend most of my day answering fan mail, looking at fan-sumitted photos and dealing with scammers trying to scam me out of my page.

Even working at home for 15 years, I never seemed to get the time I wanted for my doggos. If Zoey or Ty were on my lap when an important call came in, I had to put them down. Teenager problems, plumbing emergencies: sometimes I just wanted to cuddle in bed with the doggies and turn my phone and computer off.

Now money is still an issue living a frugal existence, but at least I'm my own boss. And now I can ignore a call and spend 10 more minutes giving kisses to my honey bunny. Ty is my truck buddy, and Smokey and Spot get all the attention they want.

The doggies are doing good. Zoey is as ornery as ever. She's got a little red spot on her belly that she's been scratching, so I'm keeping an eye on it. No more tummy problems for her and Ty. Smokey has mellowed in his old age and he's a happy old man. His right eye still gives him issues from all those eye injuries fighting with Spot's mate, Lenny.

Spot had to go off the doggy Prozac because I couldn't afford all the lab tests to make sure it wasn't hurting her liver. But I got to thinking that it wasn't worth it for the results I was seeing anyway. It made her kind of listless, and she seems to be doing well without it.

So we've settled into a kind of routine here. The Facebook page is about to hit 80,000 subscribers, and soon I'll be selling T-shirts with dog pictures on them to earn my living, which sounds almost too good to be true!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Full House

Bear and Tidbit left today to go back home to their mommy. It was great seeing them for a couple months, but I'm not really setup to handle 6 dogs living in an RV. It's a large RV, and their tiny dogs, so it wasn't too much of an issue. I hadn't seen them in almost 2 years, so it was nice having some cuddle time with Bear and being around Tidbit's antics.

Zoey with Bear and Tidbit

The doggos Facebook page is doing great! Last week I reached over 8 million people, and the page should hit 50,000 subscribers in the next couple days.

It's been a busy time: legal threats for the other blog, health issues, RV issues, and now running a meme page that gets numbers Taylor Swift would be happy with. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Tidbit & Bear Come To Visit

My old friends Tidbit and Bear are coming to stay for a bit, while the ex looks for an apartment. I have mixed feelings about this: I love these two dogs more than I love most people, but it will be 6 Chihuahuas in a small space, and we have a very modest existence. But dogs are forever, and there's no way I could turn my back on the sons of Lenny.

 Bear and Ty used to be best buddies, so hopefully they will pick up where they left off.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ty Demands The Bed

Ty was born in my living room, but he spent the first two years of his life with an elderly woman who spoiled him rotten. She also kept the same hours most elderly people keep. Me, not so much. I pretty much keep vampire hours, so Ty has been slowly adjusting.

Sometimes, he gets tired early and demands me to take down the baby gate. Dinner time gets his mommy Spot all worked up, so I keep the baby gate up most of the evening so she doesn't pee on my bed.

Since Ty's little brain doesn't have a speech center, the best he can do is run back and forth between me and the gate, jumping at it. Chihuahuas are like cranky children when they need to sleep, and he gets impatient if I don't move fast enough to take the gate down.

Uh, a little help here...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ty Fell Out Of The Truck

It's been in the upper 90s the last couple of weeks. Ty loves to go outside but it's just been too hot.

So last night I took him with me for a midnight snack. He loves riding in the truck and standing on his tippy toes to see what's going on.

When we got back, my arms were full and I opened the truck door. He tried to jump in my arms but they were full, and he bounced off me and landed on the ground with a *thud*. As I'm mentally calculating the best route to the doggy ER, he coughed, got up, and started wagging his tail.

He seems fine today. Last night I was pressing lightly on his ribs where he landed and he just had some minor discomfort. Today there's no sign that he did a belly flop onto asphalt. Chihuahuas are hearty creatures, but I think I'm going to stop allowing him to jump into my arms when we're in the truck!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Healthy Snacks

The new doctor has me on a short leash, with drastically less carbohydrates. I've been making the pancakes for their treats even though I don't eat them myself, but lately I have more leftovers of chicken and veggies, so they've been getting more of that for their treats.

Everyone likes grilled chicken, whether you're a doggo or human.