Friday, June 29, 2012

Zoey in Heat

She's definitely in heat. Hopefully we can get her in early next week to be fixed. She's got Smokey going tonight before bed. He is neutered and she still has him flustered. She's trying to play chase-me chase-you games, but he just wants to be left alone. She's a hussy. She's also been more bratty than usual. She likes to "dig to China" on the couch sometimes, and now she's doing that to my face when she can.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tank's heart murmurs?

Looks like Tank's heart murmurs are the cause of his fainting the other day. The vet thinks so too, though she says it's not normal for a dog so young to be having that problem. Tammy did some research on the Internet, and everything points to the heart murmurs being the culprit. They are going to run some tests when we get him in early next week.

It's to the point of being able to feel his irregular heartbeat just by holding a hand on his chest. I figured that I would have to be a doctor to be able to detect it, so it never donned on me just to put my hand on his chest and feel it.

He's a great dog, so I hope that we can manage his condition with medication. From what we can tell so far, he could still live a full life, though it doesn't look like he'll be able to run around much, like a little dog likes to do. But we don't always get everything we want. Hopefully a long life will be a good consolation prize.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tank Fainting?

We think that Tank fainted today. Tammy described what sounded like him falling off the couch, unconscious. She said that he went limp, and that his tongue was hanging out and turned white for a while. It may have something to do with his heart murmur(s). This fainting spell fits the symptoms of a heart murmur. We have a call into the vet. Both our vets are out until tomorrow, and he seems OK now, so hopefully one of them will call us tomorrow. Again, he seems OK now...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cast of Characters: The Puppies

The puppies were born on June 5th, 2011, to a proud mommy Luna and papa Tank. She had 6 healthy babies which all thrived. We had originally intended to be a home breeder. We found homes for 3 of the puppies, but Bear came back to us after 10 days emaciated and limping. The owners basically showed up at our door with Bear, demanding their money back. After that, we had serious second thoughts about being a breeder, and vowed to keep the remaining puppies for ourselves, if possible.

Remus aka "Tidbit"

The runt of the litter, he was only 4 ounces at birth. Our vet says he's the smallest patient he has ever treated. He has the only real health issue of any of the puppies: a slightly deformed front left paw. He will eventually need surgery because he has a couple claws which grow into his flesh. He needs to have his claws clipped monthly by the vet.

Remus is a tiny version of Tank. He has all of his daddy's moxy and none of his mommy's nutty. A tiny tank. A little Lenny.


She has the most beautiful color and markings, but she sure is uptight. She barks at pretty much anything. It's the same shrill, nutty bark as her mama. She gets along great with every dog in the house. She's a sweet dog - not a mean bone in her body.

Nala is Jake's dog, and she's supposed to go to Cameron once Jake goes into the service.


He had a home for 10 days. He came back to us malnourished and limping, and made us realize that we didn't have it in us to be breeders. He's the biggest dog in the house, but he's a gentle giant. Ever since he came back to us, he's done everything he can to stay by my wife's side. When I see her look at Bear, I can see in her eyes that she's never going to willingly give him up.


What can I say about Zoey. She has all her daddy's moxy and all her mama's nutty, which has proven to be a dangerous combination. She was the first puppy to escape the nest. Wherever trouble is, you can bet that Zoey is not far behind.

Scout aka "Ty"

He was our first adoption, at 8 weeks, so we never really got to know him. We do know we did OK with his new owner, though. She's an elderly lady in a nursing home, and Ty is the most popular attraction in the place. He means the world to his new owner too.

Jewel aka "Jewels"

She was the first one born, and we named her "Jewel" because she had a little diamond pattern on her back. She was our second adoption at about 9 weeks. She had really bonded to me, so it was really sad for me to see her go. Since almost the first day she was born, her eyes would follow me whenever I walked through the room where their pen was. We found her a good home too. An affluent couple who were newly empty nesters. When Jewels left, I asked her new owner to let he hold her and say goodbye. She acquiesced, but I could see the same look in her eyes that I see every time the wife looks at Bear. I don't think she will ever willingly part with Jewels.

Thursday, June 21, 2012