Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cast Of Characters: The Adults

Below is the adult cast of characters for our ongoing Chihuahua saga, in order of appearance.
We have puppies too, which I will introduce in a separate post.


He is the first Chihuahua we got. The missus said "can I have a puppy?" a few dozen times before I finally gave in. There was no way I could say no forever to the puppy dog eyes she was giving me every time. It was just a matter of time before I gave in, so I gave in.

From pretty much day one, he decided that he was my dog. The only problem with that was that I didn't want a little dog. Big guy, big truck, big dog, right? Yeah, right. He didn't want to be anyone else's dog. In fact, he didn't want to have much to do with other dogs or people. At 7 years of age, he's now a grumpy old man.

Luckily, his favorite thing on earth is food. And once he made the connection that people=food, he started to at least like some people.


The missus bought Tank from a local breeder when I was away on business. When I came home, she had her hand up under her shirt. "Guess what I bought you?" she asked. "It's too small to be the air compressor I wanted." I replied. From there, it was clear that we now owned two Chihuahuas.

He's a good little dog. The thing is that he doesn't like anyone or anything he doesn't know to get too close to his mommy. So, as long as we are at home with the people he's used to, we couldn't ask for much more from a dog than what he gives.

I usually call him Lenny. His personality is larger than life. He even has a Facebook page.


The missus likes to look at things on Craigslist. Sometimes, those things are animals. One day, she found a Chihuahua who was a puppy mill dog and had also been abused by her rescuer's boyfriend. She wasn't going to ask. We already had enough dogs. But it was a heartbreaking story, and I could see that look in her eyes. So, I suggested we adopt her.

Other than being bat-droppings crazy, she's a loving dog. The one problem we have is that she sometimes escapes from the house and she'll run until she's several states over if I don't manage to catch her. She gave us 6 beautiful puppies. They are all a little nutty.

When she was little, I went to give her a bath because she had all this dirt all over her. Turns out they were permanent spots.
I have called her Spot ever since.


A frequent visitor to our house, he counts Luna and Tank among his enemies. The first time he ever met Luna, she flipped out on him. Ever since then, he blows his cool every time he sees her.

This blurry picture is the best I could get of him. He moves too fast for an old man like me to point the camera at. I call him Radar. He does some cool tricks.

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