Thursday, July 26, 2012

Father and Son

Tidbit is starting to really look like his papa, Tank. He's a teeny tiny version of his papa. Just like Tank, he lives hard, plays hard, and eats every meal as if it were his last. Tank hasn't been feeling well today. In addition to his heart problems, he also has a problem with the discs in his back. Tank has an indomitable spirit, though, so I'm still optimistic. His son Tidbit has that same spirit. It's funny watching them together, too. Tank is very gentle with all the puppies. He's a great daddy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cone Of Shame II

At about 4 weeks, Zoey's surgical incision started swelling up and getting infected. The same thing happened to her mommy and sister. So, it wasn't a surprise, but she's my baby and it sucks to see her all itchy and in pain. She is definitely not a good patient, though. She's decided to get back at me for putting the cone on her by destroying random objects in our house.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Luna's Hidey Hole

Also known as the "Spot hole" in our house. It's a crate that I setup so that Luna would have a place to relax where she feels safe. It's got a little overhang made from a horse blanket, and a few blankets on the inside which she's made into a little barricade.

Luna was a rescue we got from Craigslist locally here in Spokane. We do not know the depth of the abuse she suffered, but suffice it to say that she's pretty messed up in the head. Tammy and I don't think she is ever going to be right. So, we try to make her feel safe and comfortable. Most of the time she is scared. Of what, we don't know.

We are looking at the Thunder Coat, which sounded like a scam when we saw it on late night TV. But from doing a little research, it looks totally legit. I'm still not sure it makes much sense to me how this thing works, but all those good reviews can't be wrong. It runs about $45 with our Prime account. We'll see...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More on Tank's heart issues

A good one of two of Tank's puppies, Nala and Bear
The test results came in from Tank's doggy doctor's appointment to look at his heart. The labs and blood work all came back fine, which they were surprised by. It's a good sign. The specialist had a chance to look at the X-Rays, and says that Tank's heart is slightly enlarged on the left side.

For now, they are going to keep him off medication and wait until they basically have no choice but to medicate him. This way he avoids the quality off life issues that the side effects of the medication may give him. 

His official prognosis is 1-2 years before he's officially in heart failure, and maybe 1-2 years of quality time after that. So, basically 2-4 years of quality life left, before we need to make any hard choices. I'm still a little bummed, but the news could have been much worse.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tank's Heart and Zoey's Recovery


Tank saw the doggy doctor last Friday and they ran a bunch of tests and did X-Rays. They are still waiting on some lab results, but they can already tell that he has an enlarged heart. There is medication he can take, but they want to wait as long as they can before he starts taking it. The medication can reduce the quality of his life, even though it increases the quantity. 

The main danger is that if he gets overheated or to excited, his enlarged heart could choke off his airway. So, he's not going to be allowed to be as active as he would like to be. But with the right environment and treatment, he can live a normal life, and that's good to hear.


She got spayed a week ago, and her recovery is going well. It's hard to believe that any animal could recover so quickly from major surgery like that. In fact, she was looking so good that I took the cone of shame off a day early, and she has been smiling ever since. 

Today she has been running around at full speed. And her incision has healed so well that it's hard to tell she even has one.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zoey Got Fixed

...and she's not a happy camper tonight. Her surgery went well, and she had a good dinner. We'll dope her up on doggy narcotics before bed time. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her. Poor Zoe-Zoe. The females have a more involved surgery than the males. Just don't tell Smokey that.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

All about the Tidbit

Yep, it's been all about the Tidbit. What can I say - he's just photogenic. He's the littlest big boy. Small for even a Chihuahua. His deformed paw has been bothering him lately. He's such a trooper. Here's a few recent pics of Tidbit and the bunch.