Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More on Tank's heart issues

A good one of two of Tank's puppies, Nala and Bear
The test results came in from Tank's doggy doctor's appointment to look at his heart. The labs and blood work all came back fine, which they were surprised by. It's a good sign. The specialist had a chance to look at the X-Rays, and says that Tank's heart is slightly enlarged on the left side.

For now, they are going to keep him off medication and wait until they basically have no choice but to medicate him. This way he avoids the quality off life issues that the side effects of the medication may give him. 

His official prognosis is 1-2 years before he's officially in heart failure, and maybe 1-2 years of quality time after that. So, basically 2-4 years of quality life left, before we need to make any hard choices. I'm still a little bummed, but the news could have been much worse.

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