Monday, July 9, 2012

Tank's Heart and Zoey's Recovery


Tank saw the doggy doctor last Friday and they ran a bunch of tests and did X-Rays. They are still waiting on some lab results, but they can already tell that he has an enlarged heart. There is medication he can take, but they want to wait as long as they can before he starts taking it. The medication can reduce the quality of his life, even though it increases the quantity. 

The main danger is that if he gets overheated or to excited, his enlarged heart could choke off his airway. So, he's not going to be allowed to be as active as he would like to be. But with the right environment and treatment, he can live a normal life, and that's good to hear.


She got spayed a week ago, and her recovery is going well. It's hard to believe that any animal could recover so quickly from major surgery like that. In fact, she was looking so good that I took the cone of shame off a day early, and she has been smiling ever since. 

Today she has been running around at full speed. And her incision has healed so well that it's hard to tell she even has one.

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