Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ty Fitting Right In

Ty is such a good boy
Who's a good boy?
The last post talked about Ty, who came back to us after his owner passed away. We were sad about the
reason for his return, but we were happy to know that he made it back to us safely and that he was going to be OK.

Ty has been back a few weeks now and he's already fitting in. Both of his brothers treat him like he never left, and his mommy has stopped trying to attack him on sight. We finally had to start putting the tiny muzzle on Spot before she got the hint that it wasn't OK to attack her son.

Lenny And Sons
Lenny and Sons

Dog's life for Ty
He's not shy about claiming his place on the couch

Ty has the most beautiful markings
Ty has some beautiful markings

Brother Tidbit is never far behind
Brother Tidbit is never far behind

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Return of Scout

Scout the Chihuahua - Sittin' pretty
We called him Scout because he was the first puppy to escape the nest, right at about 4 weeks. He was really easy going, and had beautiful markings overall, and a heart shaped marking on his neck. So, it was no surprise that he garnered the most interest when it came time to find homes for the litter.

I had mixed feelings about giving him to an elderly lady in a nursing home. But it was obvious that whatever time they had together, he would be the center of her universe. I was just hoping they would have more time together than the 2 short years they got.

About 2 weeks ago we got a call from the Lady's son. She had suffered a stroke and wasn't expected to pull through. We had to suppress our anger that the owner wasn't even deceased, and already the son was looking to get rid of her dog. It was clear from the beginning that the son didn't like dogs, but seriously, what kind of son would be so quick to get rid of the thing that was most precious to his mom? I wouldn't do that to my mom, that's for sure.

He had Tammy meet him in a parking lot and did the exchange with all the caring and compassion as befitting a simple business transaction. Good riddance, we now have Scout (Ty) back.

One thing the son did do for his mom was gather up all of Scout's schwag, and give it to us in a very heavy bag. None of it was stuff we were hurting for, but it gave Scout some comfort having familiar toys and smells in our now-strange house.

We put all the puppy schwag out on the dining room table, and only then did it hit us how much this little dog meant to his owner. It looked like enough leashes, brushes, toys, sweaters and treats for about 10 dogs! Clearly, this was a well loved little dog. Hopefully his owner can rest in peace knowing that Scout is back with his siblings and while not quite as spoiled, just as well loved.

Scout the Chihuahua - All his schwag

Now we have a quandary. He should probably be re-homed, but we're going to be second guessing ourselves about the new owner. We've decided to take our time and find him the right home, even if it takes a while. I'd rather him stay here than go to the wrong person.

So far, the pack has accepted him back. It was a little dicey there for a while with mama Spot, but everything has settled down now.

Scout the Chihuahua, with papa Lenny and brother Bear
With his Papa, Lenny and brother Bear
Scout the Chihuahua, right out of the ruff-n-fluff
Right after a bath. He was filthy when we got him. His owner was probably in declining health the last few months
Scout the Chihuahua, he's a good boy
Scout, making himself right at home in the pack