Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ty Fitting Right In

Ty is such a good boy
Who's a good boy?
The last post talked about Ty, who came back to us after his owner passed away. We were sad about the
reason for his return, but we were happy to know that he made it back to us safely and that he was going to be OK.

Ty has been back a few weeks now and he's already fitting in. Both of his brothers treat him like he never left, and his mommy has stopped trying to attack him on sight. We finally had to start putting the tiny muzzle on Spot before she got the hint that it wasn't OK to attack her son.

Lenny And Sons
Lenny and Sons

Dog's life for Ty
He's not shy about claiming his place on the couch

Ty has the most beautiful markings
Ty has some beautiful markings

Brother Tidbit is never far behind
Brother Tidbit is never far behind

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