Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chihuahuas Are Big Dogs

Most people are under the impression that Chihuahuas are little dogs. It's true they are small in size, but their size is the only thing small about the breed. I've owned and been around larger breeds most of my life. But I

have never seen a breed with a bigger heart. Or a bigger ego! Everything these little kamikazes do is big. When they get into trouble, it's big. When they give loyalty or affection, it's big. It's ironic that the smallest breed of dog doesn't do anything small.

The Chihuahua is an animal I respect for its big qualities. This breed doesn't do anything half way. Every day is lived to the fullest. Every meal is eaten like it's the last. Play time holds nothing back. The Chihuahua lives hard, plays hard and gives everything it has. It may eat 1/4th of the food a "real" dog eats, but it has a bark of 3 real dogs.

I have seen the proof of what I am saying here. I have seen a dog the size of a kitten with a room full of big dogs all submissive. The proof the Chihuahua is a big dog is as simple as seeing the respect it normally gets from bigger dogs.

Our black cat, which isn't scared of any one animal (or human) on the face of the Earth, runs when he sees more than one Chihuahua coming at him. This is the same cat that once scared a Labrador into knocking over our coffee table. The last time the cat came in to the living room, he gave me a look like "I'm not scared of these things." He strutted right up into the entire pack, turned around and gave me a look like "OH SH%T SAVE ME FROM THESE THINGS!!!" as he ran out the door. Now he very quietly peeks when he's in the house, though he does still taunt them from behind the sliding glass door.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good And Bad Week For Lenny

It looked to be a very bad week for Lenny. In fact, it looked to be his last week. He has an enlarged heart. It's just a matter of time. So, we weren't expecting him to live to be 20. But maybe I was being overly
Lenny the Chihuahua
optimistic in my expectation that he might be around for a while. Why wouldn't he be. He has enough moxy for a pack of dogs. But it wasn't looking good about a week ago.

He's not as active as a healthy dog, but suddenly he seemed unable to do pretty much anything. We had to carry him around give him food and water by hand. It looked like his heart was about to give out, he was so weak.

We got him into the vet, who sounded very pessimistic at first, and then later called us with the "good" news: it was just his bad knee and bad back bothering him, and not his bad heart. Normally, having a bad back would be no cause to celebrate, but it means they can help him with medication, and he will be with us for a while longer, and that's good news.

Lenny the Chihuahua: Closeup