Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lenny's Ledger

It's been a running Joke for several years. Lenny, the father of the puppies, has a nearly photographic memory when it comes to what food we have in our house, and where it's located.
Lenny The Chihuahua
Lenny, the mastermind
So, we have been joking that he keeps a list of all food, toys, and other items of interest to a little dog in "Lenny's Ledger."

His ability to remember the location and content of things is uncanny. And unlike Smokey, who at least has the courtesy to wait until our back is turned, Lenny will immediately go to the first thing on his ledger the second our backs are turned. His ledger is sorted and prioritized, so he will go to his first favorite food first, and so on.

We also joke that his ledger has a separate worksheet for farts blamed on him. We think he uses MS Excel at our computers when we are asleep, which explains his sophisticated use of tabular data.

Lenny's son Bear seems to be the only puppy with his pappa's number crunching ability. He's a nosy Bear. He's a crafty Bear. And we suspect that he collaborates with his papa Lenny on a shared Ledger, which might even be stored in the Cloud somewhere. We are unsure as both Lenny and Bear delete their browsing history.

Lenny The Chihuahua, With His Son, Bear
A moment of collaboration between Lenny and Bear

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