Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ty Needs A Home

He was born in the family room. We named him Scout because he was the first puppy to leave the nest to explore the house. He was the pick of the litter, and the first puppy to find a home. We thought he had it made. His owner was an elderly lady who adored him and showered him with an amount of gifts most humans will never see. He lived in a retirement community where everyone knew him. Until his owner had a stroke. They said she wouldn't ever recover, so her son gave "Ty" back to us.

I'm very gratified to say that his owner did recover but she will not be able to care for him. So, I'm glad she recovered, but I'm heartbroken that she is heartbroken about not being able to have him. Ty is now 2 years old. Everyone is sad, except for Ty, who's having a good time playing with some of his siblings. He is very well behaved and very well socialized. He is very confident and outgoing, and like a Chihuahua, not afraid to have his opinion known.

Big Man, Little Dog: Ty

We just have too many dogs to keep Ty, but yet he is also part of our family and dear to us. Not to mention that he's very dear to his original owner. So, we need to find him a home where he will continue to be an important part of someone's life. He deserves that much.

Big Man, Little Dog: Ty And Family

What we need to see in a new owner is mainly someone who will value him as a companion and family member and not just as an animal. Preferably someone who is familiar with little dogs, which are a whole different animal than most bigger breeds.

We would also like to see someone who is capable of caring for him and won't leave him alone for long periods of time. You can't leave a dog like this alone for 8 hours while you go to work. So, if you can show that you have a stable and safe environment for Ty, and the means to care for him for life, then please contact us if you are interested.

Big Man, Little Dog: Ty In The Sun

It's important to note that he is in perfect health, has all his tags and shots, and comes with all the doggy accessories he will need, like leash, collar, harness, crate, etc. He has everything he needs except a permanent family.

Big Man, Little Dog: Ty's Bounty
This is what came back to us from his owner's son. I would say that he was loved!

If you are the right owner for Ty, we will consider anything reasonable to get him to you, even if it's not locally to us here in Spokane. If it comes to it, I may even drive him across the country if necessary. And if for any reason your circumstances change, then we will take him back, no questions asked. You can call me any time at (509) 218-5051.

Big Man, Little Dog: Ty Closeup

Big Man, Little Dog: Ty Closeup 2
Big Man, Little Dog: Ty At 8 Weeks
Here's a baby picture of Ty, taken at 8 weeks
Big Man, Little Dog: Ty's Litter
He is from a litter of 6

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