Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tidbit's Tribute

Tidbit is barely 4 pounds as a full grown adult, though size-wise he is about the same size as a kitten. As a puppy he was extremely tiny; about the same size as a mouse. From the moment his eyes opened and he could see and hear me, he's had a crush on me. As an adult, most of his toys are still bigger than he is. As a puppy, he was dwarfed by his toys.

Tidbit the Chihuahua
"Here's the rope, sir"
But even as this tiny little mouse thing, he would bring me what I call "tribute" from the time he was able to physically bring me the toys. Every time he saw me, his eyes would light up, and he would immediately begin looking for some type of tribute to give to me. It seemed clear from the beginning that he saw me as the pack leader, "the man."

It's been a running joke in our house that every time I see Tidbit we think we understand his communication. Like he is saying: "Here comes the man, look sharp! Where's the Racoon toy? You bitches can all stay in here, because I roll with the man now!" Yes, he curses just like his papa Lenny, with the same level of enthusiasm as his papa.

"Wait! You'll be needing the Monkey!"
Two years of having various forms of tribute brought to me, and it's just as entertaining as ever. If he sees me, he will stop whatever he's doing and put on a show with one of the toys. Before it's given to the man, it must be hunted, pounced on, dominated, brutally killed, and then dominated some more. He makes it a point to show the man his prowess in battle for every encounter with the toys.

Now, if I walk into the family room, the wife will even say "here comes the man, look sharp!" as Tidbit rushes to his stash of pre-killed and pre-dominated toys to find suitable tribute for the man. Some of his toys, like the wily Fox and quackity Duck are still several times larger than he is, so it takes all his strength to carry them over to me. But he has enough moxy for a pack of Chihuahuas.

"You cannot have! This Monkey am for the man!"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zoey, My Love

She wasn't the first puppy to leave the nest, but she was the first to find a weakness in the perimeter and leave the family room to explore the house. We could tell she was bossy and obstinate from day one. Every time we would come up with a new scheme of keeping the puppies penned up, Zoey would defeat our scheme. Not only would she would defeat our scheme and escape, she would teach her siblings to escape. It was clear from early on that she was the brains of the operation.

We didn't have much of a bond at first. Zoey was one of the cutest, so I figured it didn't make sense to bond with her because she would find a home quickly. And besides, it was her sister Jewel who had a thing for me. Every time I walked by the pen, Jewel would whine for me to pick her up. But it turned out to be Jewel who found a home quickly, so that bond was broken.

Shortly after Bear found a home and came back to us abused, we lost our heart for pushing to find homes for the remaining puppies. At that point, finding a home for Zoey wasn't the same priority it had been. So, I started taking her lay down with me occasionally. She was such a brat! Here is this 8 week old thing the size of a kitten trying to boss me around!

Indignant, I told the missus that I wasn't so sure about this puppy, and she said "don't lie and say she isn't your little princess" and at that moment I realized she was my little princess, and she already had me trained.

Zoey and Lenny
Zoey and her papa Lenny

Fast forward almost two years, and she's still my princess. She's a little better behaved. And now she's obedient, in a sense. It's like being married but still having a bossy girlfriend. I decided even back then the bond we had was probably strong enough to where I won't ever part with her.