Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dinner Pizza Cookie Hungry

Most breeds of dog learn the human words you would think they learn. Like "go for a ride" and "here, boy!" Not Chihuahuas. At least not our Chihuahuas. Smokey knew the word 'cookie' before he even knew his own name. In fact, for a while he thought that Cookie was his name. Don't get me wrong, all my dogs are very alert and perceptive. But when I really want the attention of one of my dogs, all I have to do is start rattling off food words.

Tidbit is mad because he knows I am lying!
And because Tidbit is so skinny, we always give him a little bit of human food to try to keep his weight up. So of course, 'Tidbit' is now a food word to the pack. I read somewhere that the average dog has a vocabulary of over 200 words, and I can safely say that about 190 of those words are food related for my Chihuahuas.

Cookie, pizza, delicious, treat, handout, Tidbit, breakfast, lunch, dinner, eat, hungry, yummy, bacon ... the list goes on and on. Some people like the pictures I take of the Chihuahuas. They ask me how I can get them to look so intently at the camera while their dogs happily turn their backs on having their portraits taken.

The answer is easy, to get one of my dogs to look at the camera, I merely chain a bunch of food words together: "Tidbit! pizza good boy dinner!"

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