Thursday, December 5, 2013

Goody Bear

He's not a fancy Bear. He's not the smartest, or cutest or most attention seeking dog in the pack. A
very unassuming character, he's just a good dog. And loyal, too. Most of the time he can be found peering out the nearest window, carefully scanning the horizon for threats real and imagined. He's probably the only dog we have that would actually try to protect us, though he is a tiny Bear by attack dog standards. It dawned on me today that he actually gets less attention because he's so well behaved. He's definitely a low maintenance Bear. Our pack of Chihuahuas mostly contains characters larger than life, such as Tidbit and Zoey. Each one is a criminal mastermind and suitable to be a cartoon character. Bear cares for none of that. He's too busy keeping us safe. He's a goody Bear.

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