Saturday, August 30, 2014

Doggie Benadryl

Most of my adult life was spent without substances like Benadryl or Advil in my medicine cabinet. It wasn't until I was married with kids that I understood the benefits of these common medicines. All those years of needless aches, pains and sneezes. These days I will hardly leave the house without items like band-aids or Benadryl.

The last few days most of my dogs have suffered from a doggie cold. All these little sneezing Chihuahuas. It's not a pretty sight. It started with "Typhoid Zoey" but quickly spread to the others. At least papa Lenny didn't catch it. Today he passed out cold on the kitchen floor and had to be revived. He probably won't be around much longer. I wish there was a magic pill I could give him.

But at least there's some Benadryl for the puppies. I cut the pills in half with a pill splitter and give each doggie half a pill. They are tiny dogs but seem to tolerate half a pill well. They also get it sometimes for thunderstorms and long car rides. This time it seems to be helping with some of their cold symptoms. They sneeze less and seem to sleep better with it. Benadryl is pretty amazing stuff.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thunder Buddies For Life

Lately Spokane has been having these crazy thunderstorms where it feels like the almighty is kicking our house and deciding whether to light us on fire. The thunder has made me jump a few times, and I'm a veteran of dozens of heavy metal concerts in the 80's.

So if it makes the humans take a gulp of air with some of the big booms, think of what it does to my poor Zoey. She's a delicate flower. And as I've mentioned before and the missus and I always joke about, we're pretty sure that she thinks I am her pet. So to the best of my dog whisperer instincts, my dog is trying to tell me this when she dives under the covers:


The thunder is so scary, and Zoey is so smart that after the thunder booms, she will peek out the blankets to wait for the flash. She knows the boom comes after the flash, and duck back in the blankets when she sees the flash and starts shaking until the boom.

The rest of the pack doesn't seem to mind the thunder so much, except for Ty, who sometimes barks at it. Bear seems more inconvenienced by Zoey's anxiety than anything happening outside.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Box Fan of Doom

Ever since I lived in Southern California for all those years, I still have the habit of putting a box fain in a window of a hot room to give it some air flow. Yesterday the box fan fell out of the window in the bedroom, and Zoey was pretty sure that it was coming to kill all of us, and that it was vitally important that none of us sleep until we escape the killing fields for a safer room. She kept going to the door, and I can almost picture what she was trying to tell me:

"Pet! Pet! Use your thumbs to open this door and help us escape the BOX FAN OF DOOM!"

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Spot will bite a fool
Spot isn't right in the head. We got her as a rescue and we've never known what to make of her. She will suddenly look in random directions and bark at things only she can see. She will be walking through the house and suddenly start spinning in circles. I know she has a lot of energy because she sometimes runs her "crazy laps" through the house or back yard.

She is such an enigma to us, that I came up with the idea that we need an expert for Spot, a "Spotologist" so to speak. If I were more skilled in Spotology, then I would have a much better idea of what's wrong with her. Physically she's extremely healthy. I know some of the crazy is genetic, because here daughters aren't completely right in the head, either.

However, some of Spot's issues are definitely mental. Now all we need is a real Spotologist.