Sunday, August 3, 2014


Spot will bite a fool
Spot isn't right in the head. We got her as a rescue and we've never known what to make of her. She will suddenly look in random directions and bark at things only she can see. She will be walking through the house and suddenly start spinning in circles. I know she has a lot of energy because she sometimes runs her "crazy laps" through the house or back yard.

She is such an enigma to us, that I came up with the idea that we need an expert for Spot, a "Spotologist" so to speak. If I were more skilled in Spotology, then I would have a much better idea of what's wrong with her. Physically she's extremely healthy. I know some of the crazy is genetic, because here daughters aren't completely right in the head, either.

However, some of Spot's issues are definitely mental. Now all we need is a real Spotologist.

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