Thursday, October 30, 2014

Papa Hanging In There

They gave papa Lenny 1-2 years to live, and that was a little more than 3 years ago. I know I keep
saying he doesn't have long, but he keeps proving me wrong. The couple of times we ran out of his heart medicine, he didn't look like he would make it through the night.

He's got a bad knee, a bad back and a bad heart, and he is in the end stages of heart failure. Sometimes he coughs uncontrollably and we start to think it's his time, and sometimes hopped up on steroids and doggy narcotics, he acts like his old self, and his old self is 100% pure beast mode.

I've said it before, but it's hard not to give respect to any creature that lives life completely to the fullest. Even up until the last couple weeks he continued to eat every meal as if it were his last, and he still comes into the kitchen to beg every time I'm in there making something to eat.

He's such a great dog. It's weird being in awe of him and sad for him at the same time.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tiny Stalker

At some point Tidbit realized that being small has its advantages. He can squeeze through some of the gates, and bypass the other ones by squeezing through the bars in the stairway. For the most part he's had full run of the house since he made these discoveries.

Now, because he's our only dog with full run of the house, he shows up at the most interesting times. Sitting on the toilet brings a small creak of the door and a tiny face peeking in. Folding laundry? Yep, tiny little face peeking at you. Last week I was taking a bath, and he poked his head in, saw that I was in the tub and stole one of my socks right in front of me.

So far we've allowed this to continue because most of the time he only escapes the family room when his siblings are picking on him or when he wants to go curl up next to Smokey in the sun. But there's been a few times where he's gotten spooked and suddenly he's running around the house screaming at the top of his tiny lungs.

"I'll be joining you in a minute to help you eat your lunch."