Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doggies At The Cabin

As I struggle to figure out what I want my life to be for "life 2.0," I'm staying at this beautiful cabin in the woods with my 4 Chihuahuas: Spot, Zoey, Ty and Smokey. We got off to a rocky start when all my doggies promptly escaped the cabin and ran amok in the woods until we rounded them up.

It wasn't an auspicious start to my new adventure, but the doggies are thriving at the cabin now. Crazy Spot, who I once chased for over a mile in Spokane, doesn't really have anywhere to go off the main trail here in the woods. The dense growth and thorny Blackberry bushes serve as a natural, giant playpen for the dogs. There are owls in the area known for taking cats, so I make sure to stay within about 10 feet of any doggy outside off the leash if at all possible.

Some dogs know all the food words. Spot knows all the outside words

Brrr it gets cold at the cabin. It was 40 degrees inside one morning with the heater on

The old man taking what sun he can get

Monday, February 9, 2015

Doggies On The Road

My new life of vagrancy required a couple things to become a reality: a reliable vehicle and and bunch of swag for the dogs. None of their harnesses or collars fit right, and I ended up with a strange mix of dog crates.

With the help of my sister and a mechanic friend, I had lots and lots of work done on my Suburban. It's 12 years old, but I'm the original owner and mostly only drove it on the freeway, which is why it only has 45k miles on it. Plenty for new adventures. We rebuilt the entire suspension and gave it new plugs, filters, belts, etc. and checked out the rest. I used to have so much more money than time, so I never actually cared about any of my vehicles. But now that I'm broke and essentially homeless, I can totally see the positive side of owning a low mileage vehicle that I paid 46 grand for with the ridiculous payment I paid on it for so long. Now it drives like new, and I'm all set to decide where to go and what to do for my life 2.0.

It aint much, but it's mine

Zoey, Spot, Ty and Smokey are all doing great at my sister's house in our little room in the basement. Spot and Zoey are not where they should be socially, mostly due to my health issues. I just wasn't able to spend time with them trying to care for my wife, do my job and take care of a huge house.

Now that all the balls I was juggling came down on my face, I'm looking at a new future where I can spend the time with my doggies. Now I can go to the dog park and take my pooches on play dates with their own ilk.

There's no way someone can go through what I've been through without plenty of time locked in a room feeling sorry for himself like I did for several months. I held onto all the strings as tight as I could for as long as I could, and now there's nothing pulling on me. It's a little disorienting, but liberating at the same time. My head is almost screwed on straight now and I'm definitely pointed forward.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Little Better Thanks To Chihuahuas

Life happens. Marriage, kids, work, house, cats, dogs and all manner of other things to occupy an adult's life. It's easy to get lost in juggling all those things. It's easy to get too focused on the nitty gritty details and lose sight of the big picture. But not to worry, because life comes with an auto-correct feature.

I've always said that success teaches us nothing, and that failure is our true mentor. It was a pretty hard life for me growing up, and that made me appreciate and cherish everything as I became more and more successful in life. But it's hard to find time to cherish the things you love when you're working long days, nights, weekends and holidays, which I did for decades.

That life above was very gratifying even with all the massive amount of effort, blood, sweat and tears it takes to have all of what I had.

But kids grow up, and couples drift apart, and I guess at some point the shiny, materialistic things lose their luster. Such is the position I found myself, and after some proper grieving, it's dawned me that I'm free.

Not only am I free, my only remaining baggage now fits in the truck with my little dogs.

Zoey The Chihuahua In Her Crate
Zoey actually behaving herself in the crate

I'm doing a little better because now I don't answer to anyone. I may be broke, but I don't have a dime of debt. I now have reliable transportation and better medical than I had making a six figure salary. And the best thing of all, I have 4 tiny travelling companions who happen to be Chihuahuas: Smokey, Spot, Ty and Zoey. As I have cronicled in this blog, Ty has come back twice from his forever home, so even solo with 4 little dogs, I'm still not convinced about finding him another home. 3, 4, what's the difference, right?