Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Little Better Thanks To Chihuahuas

Life happens. Marriage, kids, work, house, cats, dogs and all manner of other things to occupy an adult's life. It's easy to get lost in juggling all those things. It's easy to get too focused on the nitty gritty details and lose sight of the big picture. But not to worry, because life comes with an auto-correct feature.

I've always said that success teaches us nothing, and that failure is our true mentor. It was a pretty hard life for me growing up, and that made me appreciate and cherish everything as I became more and more successful in life. But it's hard to find time to cherish the things you love when you're working long days, nights, weekends and holidays, which I did for decades.

That life above was very gratifying even with all the massive amount of effort, blood, sweat and tears it takes to have all of what I had.

But kids grow up, and couples drift apart, and I guess at some point the shiny, materialistic things lose their luster. Such is the position I found myself, and after some proper grieving, it's dawned me that I'm free.

Not only am I free, my only remaining baggage now fits in the truck with my little dogs.

Zoey The Chihuahua In Her Crate
Zoey actually behaving herself in the crate

I'm doing a little better because now I don't answer to anyone. I may be broke, but I don't have a dime of debt. I now have reliable transportation and better medical than I had making a six figure salary. And the best thing of all, I have 4 tiny travelling companions who happen to be Chihuahuas: Smokey, Spot, Ty and Zoey. As I have cronicled in this blog, Ty has come back twice from his forever home, so even solo with 4 little dogs, I'm still not convinced about finding him another home. 3, 4, what's the difference, right?

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