Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doggies At The Cabin

As I struggle to figure out what I want my life to be for "life 2.0," I'm staying at this beautiful cabin in the woods with my 4 Chihuahuas: Spot, Zoey, Ty and Smokey. We got off to a rocky start when all my doggies promptly escaped the cabin and ran amok in the woods until we rounded them up.

It wasn't an auspicious start to my new adventure, but the doggies are thriving at the cabin now. Crazy Spot, who I once chased for over a mile in Spokane, doesn't really have anywhere to go off the main trail here in the woods. The dense growth and thorny Blackberry bushes serve as a natural, giant playpen for the dogs. There are owls in the area known for taking cats, so I make sure to stay within about 10 feet of any doggy outside off the leash if at all possible.

Some dogs know all the food words. Spot knows all the outside words

Brrr it gets cold at the cabin. It was 40 degrees inside one morning with the heater on

The old man taking what sun he can get

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