Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boxed In

4 little doggies, 4 little crates. At least that's the idea. Once in a while one of them comes to me and whines that there is no free place to sleep, and it's cold, and this whiny doggie is going to die of the cold if he/she doesn't get in a warm den, and pronto. But it's basic math that with an equal number of dogs and crates, there is a free one open.

Sometimes it's the opposite problem. A doggie--usually Ty-- will be snuggled up warm inside the crate, and Spot will come into that crate and cuddle with the doggy already in there. So far, so good. Until the doggie behind Spot wants/needs to leave, at which time Spot makes it clear that nobody is going anywhere.

It usually takes me to free the trapped doggy. Spot is known for being crazy, so I'm not going to stick my hand in and pull her out. Once I even tilted the crate over, figuring poor Ty would at least land on top. But nope, Spot will cling to the crate for all she's worth.

Now what I do is call an impromptu treat time which will make all doggies temporarily forget their politics long enough to free any trapped Spot-cellmates. It must be some weird mommy instinct. She sure wasn't this bossy before she had pups.