Friday, April 17, 2015

Stone Cold Cuddler

My cuddle bunny has a name, and her name is Zoey. When I downsized my mansion to a cabin in the woods, I probably left behind 4 or 5 beds and a couple futons. I could probably fit any one of those in this little cabin, but I like not having my bedding take up the bottom floor, and I don't want to sleep alone in the loft where it's unsafe for my doggies to sleep with me.

"who, me?"
Right now there's no hurry to figure my ideal sleeping arrangements out, so for right now I am just throwing my sleeping bag down on top of an air mattress when I sleep, and Zoey LOVES this arrangement.

The smartest dog I've ever seen, she already has her little routine. As soon as the sleeping bag goes down, she dives in and runs straight to the end, where she waits for me to climb in. When I'm in there with her, she sleeps cradled in my arms. If I turn over in the night, she will get out of the bag, walk around, and get in the other side.

In the morning when I get up, she goes back to the bottom of the sleeping bag and waits for me either to come back, or forcefully evict her and Ty, who goes to the bottom and sleeps there the whole night.

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