Friday, April 24, 2015

Ty, My Guy

When the missus and I were preparing to go our separate ways, she said she wanted two of the dogs. Lenny had just passed, so we had 6 Chihuahuas. In the last couple months in the house, Tidbit had really bonded to me, and Ty, who didn't have the best luck with being homed, had bonded to his brother Bear.

But Tidbit had always kind of been hers as a puppy, and she was making a big deal of it. But right there it hit me that once again poor Ty was everyone's last choice, and that's when I made the decision to never, ever part with him again if I have a say in the matter.

Ty is a truly awesome little dog. I didn't want to get too attached to him if he was going to another home, which always seemed to be in the works. That meant he was in sort of this weird limbo where everyone loved him but nobody got too close, and that wasn't fair to him in the least.

It hit me a couple weeks ago that he was finally my dog. I was over at my sister's and she had Ty in her lap. I said something in passing like "Ty is my guy" and he stood straight up in her lap and looked at me. "Yeah, he's definitely your dog." she said.

Ty has been through a lot, some of which I've documented here on this blog. The "puppies" will be 4 years old in June--my how time flies. Now I have Smokey, Spot, Ty and Zoey.  I've been through a lot, too, so Ty and I are perfect companions for each other.

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