Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'll Be Homeless Before I Abandon My Dogs

Yesterday I saw a news story on the web about a woman living in her car with multiple dogs because she couldn't find someone to take her and the dogs in. It gave me two immediate feelings: 1. How messed up people are to were everyone finds this lady's actions surprising and 2. How lucky I am that I found someone to take me and mine in.

We are taught from birth that some forms of life have value and some don't. People have value. Animals don't. That's what we're taught. But for some animal lovers and I think especially for dog lovers, our animals are family and we would no sooner abandon a dog than a son or daughter.

My mansion had plenty of room for 7 Chihuahuas plus my mother in law's two dogs living with her in the basement. That was 9 dogs in my house. It wasn't ideal and I was biding my time trying to figure out which dogs to re-home and which ones to keep in the long run.

Then my injury hit, and we lost the house. A few people in my life were telling me stuff like "yeah, that sucks all your dogs have to go to the pound, but what are you gonna do?" The missus, who's idea it was to bring most of these dogs into our house started talking like that.

Pardon my French, but fuck that. I'll be living in my truck with my 4 Chihuahuas before I'll roll the dice on any of their futures. The soon-to-be-ex missus has 2, and I feel the same way about Bear and Tidbit. I'll be living with 6 if it comes to it.

Society should be rewarding people who show that level of loyalty. Someone who would live in their car before they would break a promise to their dogs is someone I would want on my software development team, and in the corporate world in general.

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