Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jealous Girlfriend

It's one of those things that's kind of cute at the beginning: little Zoey growling at the bigger dogs to guard her sleeping spot tucked between my shoulder and face. When the other dogs cuddle with me in bed, they have to go around her. She's only ever done it in bed and she's like like that most of the other time day-to-day.

But the other day Spot --her mommy-- decided that she didn't feel like going around Zoey. And Spot is batshit crazy on a good day. So they screamed and nipped at each other right in front of my face, which was a little disconcerting.

When I first started sleeping with the puppies a few years ago, Zoey would not allow little Tidbit onto the bed at all. They turn 4 in June, so man how time flies. What I used to do to Zoey back then was to drop her off the bed and onto the floor every time she did that to Tidbit. Of course because they are all Chihuahuas, Tidbit hence forth used that to his advantage until we parted ways when the wife and I split a few months ago. It's funny the dynamic between the dog siblings doesn't seem so different than human siblings to the experienced eye.

So, now I'm doing what I did before. If Zoey growls, then she gets ejected from the bed. She can still have her "privilege spot" mostly because the other dogs don't want the conflict. But she doesn't get to train the rest of the pack on my behalf.

Here you can see the "Zoey Effect" clearly in play as she stands on her spot even when I'm not there...

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