Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bye Bye Dairy Queen

The first time I went through this Dairy Queen drive through in Portland, I drove away after 15 minutes of being at the end of the line and not a single car moving. But I like their food, and everyone has a bad day, right?

Today was the second time I went through that Dairy Queen drive through, figuring I would give them another chance, especially with it being such a hot day, and I know they sell iced coffee.

I chose ... poorly.

It was 15 minutes before the first car moved, right as I was about to drive away again. The car in front drove away without any food. After about another 10 minutes I was able to order. Again, I almost left but the two cars in front of me moved at a decent clip.

I was finally at the window, yay! I look inside the window and there's 4 employees standing around looking bored. At this point the line extends all the way around the building and out into the street.

When they came to the window I was going to ask how much longer my food was going to be. The girl came to the window and put her hand on it. I opened my wallet and took a twenty out. Then she walked away without opening the window, and I put the money back.

Another couple times of coming to the window, almost opening it and walking away, and I made hand waving motions. Nothing. Then my "Hello?" wave turned into a "bye bye" wave and I shouted "bye bye" and drove away.

As I was driving away, the window opened and one of the girls gave me a look of puzzlement that almost made the > 30 minutes I spent in the drive through worth the time. The doggies were happy because I went to Carl's and got fries with my meal, and the doggies each got a french fry. The line at Dutch Bros next store was long, but I was in and out with my iced mocha in about 5 minutes flat.

Bye bye, Dairy Queen. You have decent food, but I'm never coming back.

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