Friday, June 19, 2015

Reluctant Friends

The doggies lived in my funk with me. I was sad, they were sad. I wasn't getting along with the people in my life, they weren't getting along with each other. But then I came out of my funk, and they came out with me.

Now we have wide open spaces to ourselves and everything is awesome. I'm coming from a happy place, and now they are, too.

So it makes sense that my grumpy old man is fast friends with the son of his enemy who took their feud to his dying day. Ty isn't dominant over Smokey, but he's not submissive, either. Ty is proud like his papa Lenny, and if he claims the comfy chair, he's not giving it back.

But unlike his papa, Ty is more pragmatic than aggressive. He will share. And Smokey is ... learning. It was a happy morning to look over and see this:

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