Thursday, July 30, 2015

Other Adventures

Life is hard. The doggies are keenly aware of this fact as well. Their quiet life was upended, replaced by a life of adventure and change. Dogs don't normally like change. Chihuahuas are like tiny, grumpy old people in that respect.

But change is the only constant in the universe, and change can bring good things as well. It doesn't have to be scary, even to little dogs. Change can bring new adventures. Change can bring comforts like air conditioning and new, comfy places to sleep.

And so it is in our life. During one late night tequila-fueled sad-fest, it dawned on me that living in a cabin in the woods was awesome, but not the best place for me or the doggies. I came up with the idea of buying a large enough RV to give me and the doggies a permanent home, where we can wake up in the same home every morning no matter where it's parked.

The idea sounded good when the tequila wore off, and the idea sounded good to my siblings, too. In the span of just several days, my sister helped me buy a huge travel trailer, and my brother offered me a place to park it. My brother's house has a built-in RV pad complete with sewer hookup.

For the most part the dogs love this new life. Central AC, full size bed and couch with a huge blanket on it. With plenty of blanket to share, Smokey and Ty still mostly sleep together, continuing the bond they started in the cabin. Smokey and the son of his mortal enemy as fast friends--very gratifying.

Zoey is slow to get used to new surroundings as expected. But she's coming out of her shell slowly. Hers was the first new embroidered collar I ordered, and I look forward to walking her in a regular suburban neighborhood.

Spot, ah, Spot. She had a rough time during the move and currently has no outlet to "run the crazy out" like we were able to do in the cabin. She loves to walk on a leash, but she's psychotic towards any other living thing she sees.

The princess has her own queen sized bed

So, two are doing much better, one looks promising and one is noticeably worse. Life is hard. But part of my plan all along was to be somewhere where I can seek out some professionals to help me with her. I think she needs doggy Prozac, but I am no vet.

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