Monday, August 24, 2015

Doggy Emergencies

Ty was having some severe intestinal issues, so I ended up rushing him to the doggy ER last week. It was day time, they gave him a shot and did some tests, and we were in and out in a couple hours. About 3 days at home on the medication, he decided at 4 AM that he was all better and it was time to play.

About a day after that, his sister, Zoey, started showing the same symptoms. Except she was much worse. She was pooping pure blood. She couldn't keep food down. She couldn't even keep water down. Now, she's a small dog, and her little system doesn't have much blood.

So ... this time it was rushing a dog to the ER in the middle of the night.

She was really sick.They had to keep her a couple days as they had her on an IV getting her hydrated and getting the meds in her. Because she's a princess, it took them a long time to get her to eat. They couldn't get her to go for a walk.

Finally, they got her to eat a little, but she was still listless. Then it dawned on them that she could be back to normal and just scared without her daddy. They had me hold Zoey and she perked right up. So, they let me take her home.

She's still having some issues, but she's eating and taking the meds. Years ago a vet told me that if my dog is eating and wagging his tail, then he's probably OK. So, Zoey is eating and wagging her tail.

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