Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ty And Zoey Recovered

These two dogs scared the crap out of me. Ty got sick in what I thought was a short period of time, and had to be taken to the doggy ER during daylight hours. But Zoey went from first showing symptoms to being rushed to the doggy ER in the middle of the night in just a few hours.

Raising kids already gave me grey hair, but if I had any brown hair left, Zoey finished the last of it off. They had to keep her overnight for two nights in the doggy hospital. She has a pink collar and a little pink crate, so I thought it was fitting that she was released from the hospital with a little pink bandage on her paw where she had the IV.

Fast forward a week and both dogs are better, and I'm currently making my own dog food, which I'll post a recipe for. My sister is convinced it was a bad batch of food or treats. I'm not so sure, but I'm not taking any chances. I was already giving them more expensive, grain-free dog food, so it turns out to actually be cheaper to give them a diet mostly consisting of Winco boneless chicken breast. I'm using a vitamin supplement I bought from Amazon. What I am doing is putting in just a drop into each dog's nightly dinner.

My precious Zoey just back from the hospital, back to her outgoing self


  1. I'm SO GLAD the pups are recovered, I've been checking daily. I just lost my lil' old man chi to kidney failure on 8/1, and I've still got portions of the magic chicken breast casserole in the freezer. It's awful how many dog food recalls there have been in the last few years, and even worse how long it took for some of them to be acknowledged. I used to think maybe I should eat a serving of everything 24 hrs in advance to be sure it was safe — poor dogs suffer in silence, at least I could tell the doc what's wrong if I got poisoned! Anyway, best wishes to the pack, I look forward to reading more adventures. :)

    1. Thank you! Awww sorry for your loss. Most people don't get how important these dogs are to people like us. If a Nobel prize physicist and my Zoey are both drowning, sorry mankind, but I'm saving my dog.

      And yeah, we're over the hump with these two. In fact, that's the next post :)