Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dinner Time Genius

Chihuahuas are smart. I thought I turned away enough to casually look at my watch to see if it was close to dinner time. But Ty must have seen the wrist movement, even with my back to him, because he leaped from the couch and started doing the dinner dance.

Dogs sense time, and my dogs know that I look to my watch for time. If I look at my watch at 10 in the morning, none of the doggies notice. But if I look at my watch at say, 5:50 PM, then the whole pack is on me like a cheap suit. Normally I'm sly enough to get away with it, but not that sly, because Ty is a spy.

Zoey doesn't do her dinner dance until I either say the "D" word or clank one of the stainless steel bowls down on the counter. I used to joke that her brother Tidbit (who now lives with my ex) would be the "little thing that peeks out of the den at night" in the wild, but Zoey is like that, too. If she's not glued to me or eating dinner, she's in her den, peeking out the air holes, assessing the situation.

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