Saturday, September 19, 2015

Father's Son II

The whole world looks bleak when you lose a dog that was everything to you, even if you have 6 more. The first year or so, everything reminded me of  Tank ("Lenny") to the point where everywhere I looked and everything I saw made me sad.

But I still have two of his offspring to remember him by, and Ty is definitely his father's son in more ways than one. His father was a beast and a burrower extraordinaire. It's why I called him "Lenny," because he was more a cartoon-ish character than a dog.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as the old saying goes. Now I look and laugh at Ty's antics. I definitely see Lenny. It's still a little sad, but it's a different kind of sad. Sometimes I'll be teared up a little but I'll still laugh out loud because there's as much happiness as sadness.

Warm and comfy, but ready to race for a cookie, and listening for magic word

All of the qualities I knew in Lenny, I see in Ty and Zoey, I'm surprised I managed to catch this photo. This would've been classic Lenny, and now it's classic Ty. He's had his own ordeals separate from all the other ordeals, but I think he was meant to be with me.

Tomorrow I'll be on the road most of the day, and Ty is the only one coming with me. He barks the loudest when I'm gone, and he's the most well behaved when we travel, so he's a no-brainer. He bays like a tiny wolf when I leave him. My sister says together they sound like Geese haha.

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