Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Father's Son

I miss the papa of the pack, Lenny Woofer terribly. But I have his mate, Spot, and two of his offspring, Ty and Zoey, so it helps to have a part of him always with me. And I'm at the stage in my grief where I can see something that reminds me of Lenny without getting instantly sad.

The whole pack, and Chihuahuas in general are burrowers. They are so small that in the wild, they would dig their own dens. But they're not in the wild, so they burrow into blankets. Lenny was an adept burrower even by little dog standards. He could insta-burrow into anything resembling a blanket. I once found him asleep in a pillow case.

Blast from the past: Ty and papa Lenny Woofer
But Lenny was a beast, so when he was deeply burrowed and sound asleep, and he was suddenly woke up, he would freak out trying to get out of the blanket. Sometimes the blanket would be stuck to his head trailing behind him while he ran for a treat or heard the doorbell ring.

Ty is definitely his father's son. Where his sister Zoey has her mama's dig-a-hole style of burrowing into blankets, Ty has the same skill as his father.

He also has the same level of hilarity when he wakes suddenly and tries to get out of a blanket.

When I saw this image below, just for a second I thought it was Lenny, and I chuckled a little when I realized it was his son. He's definitely his father's son.

You can see Ty's eyeball and snout through the blanket if you look closely, as he tries to stand up under the blanket

But Ty is not the raging beast his papa was. He's more meek, so instead of powering through it, he just whines a little, as if saying "ooooh human, oooooh please help me, human."

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