Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jealous Girlfriend

Someone was asking about my RV the other day. I said that my house has wheels, and that I can go anywhere. Then I joked that all I needed was a cute redhead to ride shotgun in the truck, to which my friend responded "Yeah, right, like Zoey allow that."

Zoey gets jealous if I even pet another dog in the pack. Or any other dog. She gets jealous if I talk to people or if I talk on the phone. She'll jump into my lap and try to paw at the phone to dislodge it from my face while I'm talking.

It dawned on me that pretty much no woman on earth would play second fiddle to a six pound dog. And I'm OK with that. Zoey earned her place in my heart, and a human girlfriend would have to do that before she could paw the phone out of my hand like Zoey does.

But Zoey is cute as hell, and she likes people for the most part, so who knows, maybe she can be a tiny wing man if I do start socializing more. Either way, my jealous girlfriend has been pawing at my hands the whole time I type this. I can tell she's saying something like "Pet, stop that. This is our time."

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