Thursday, September 3, 2015

Loose Cannon

Ty was the first puppy to leave the safety of the litter to go exploring. He's always had a sense of adventure. His sister, Zoey ... not so much. She was the first to escape from the nest, and the living room, wandering the house at just a couple weeks old, looking for trouble.

Zoey has been a loose cannon ever since. She's just incorrigible. I'll be sitting in front of the computer and she'll come flying across the room, leap up onto my lap, and then lunge at my face, trying to paw my nose to get my attention.

Whatever the pack gets into, she's there at the front. If I try to block off an area with a baby gate, she'll figure out a way to get past, and then come back to train the others. Smokey is too lazy to be that devious, but Zoey will show him ways to get into unauthorized areas to score some doggy contraband.

As I've said many times, all four of my Chihuahuas are criminal masterminds, and Zoey is definitely the ringleader.

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