Thursday, September 24, 2015

Monsters On The Roof

My big travel trailer is parked under some kind of big walnut tree. As the walnuts ripen, they fall off the tree, or they are dropped by greedy squirrels. This area has the fattest squirrels I've ever seen. So, the walnuts bounce off the roof of my trailer roof either way.

The first few times it happened at night, Zoey frantically tried to wake me up. Like she was saying "Pet! Get up! We have to leave this place! Monsters on the roof! Get up, Pet!"

I'm a fairly heavy sleeper these days, so she could only wake me up enough to toss her on the floor for scratching my face with her self-sharpened claws. She chews on them until they are sharp like cat's claws.

She was scared of the dark before that, so most nights now she hides at night and jumps on my bed when the sun comes out. Sometimes I take her to bed, and she humors me until I fall asleep, but then she leaves, and goes back into her crate.

Hopefully being more confident on our walks will translate to a less fearful Zoey.

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