Saturday, September 26, 2015

Much Spectacle

Most of the time walking my little dogs, I'm totally oblivious to the extreme cuteness of my doggies, as well as the spectacle of a big, burly dude walking these delicate things. It's almost a dichotomy for most people, and I'm also aware that just walking down the street without my dogs, and my bald head wearing my Oakleys, small children normally ask "Mommy, is that big man going to murder us?" just because dudes who look like me don't have a reputation for being outgoing and friendly. Yay for stereotypes.

So, the spectacle that I create walking my doggies is always at the back of my mind. It's a better effect with Zoey's pink leash, but I can't find it after the latest move. Most the time people just smile or I get the occasional "cute little dog!" Sometimes I'll get a whole chorus of "awwwww"s, at which point I'll stop for a quick show-and-tell. "Hi, this is Zoey, and she's a delicate flower."

It's a great feeling to be be healthy, spend time with my dogs and break down stereotypes at the same time, which was one of the purposes behind creating this blog. Perception is reality, as the Colonel used to tell me, so even lost in thought on my walks, I make it a point to stand up straight and keep a smile on, which also rubs off a little on the dogs.

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