Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Over The Hump

Ty and Zoey are fully recovered, and the whole pack is doing good on the new diet. Little dogs are sensitive to pretty much everything, so I've been keeping a close eye on their weight. They started losing weight pretty much instantly on the new diet, so I've been ramping up the portions. Too big of portions and they get lethargic, so I've been dialing it in.

We're over the hump in more ways than one. Our lives were turned upside down a year ago and that was really hard on the girls, Zoey and mama Spot. But it wasn't any picnic for the boys, either. We'd swing from extreme activity to extreme inactivity and dogs just like their routine. Especially little dogs.

"Who wants a treat?"
So, now we've stabilized, I'm in better health, and we're finally in some kind of routine. Smokey seems genuinely happy and he normally doesn't do happy. Spot is coming out of her shell. It's all starting to click.

When I went from rich to basically homeless, most of the people in my life took that opportunity to tell me it was time to face reality and get rid of all my dogs. There were lots of snarky comments. Little dogs are definitely an acquired taste. It seemed like the entire universe was trying to pull my dogs away from me.

But then it was so hard going through what I went through while managing a whole pack of criminal masterminds at the same time. Just like a reality TV show with multiple children, adding 4 dogs makes simple tasks take all day. I didn't think it would be easy transitioning with them and boy, it wasn't.

And then finally, just when my life stabilizes, two of my dogs get really sick, and I almost lose one. More money I don't have, from an empire I'm no longer emperor of. I briefly wondered if I had made the wrong choice to keep them. Zoey's sister Jewel had gone to a rich, old lady--did I make a mistake by not finding Zoey that same type of home? It was hard not to wonder that sitting at the doggy ER in the middle of the night, hoping it wouldn't reject my debit card.

Spot is finally being more sociable, and not always being a hermit in her "spot hole"

And then a few days ago, I wake up, and everything is great in every sense of the word. Finally. I'm in decent health, the dogs are in great health. and yeah, I'm now finally broke, but I made it to the finish line. All the pieces are in place, and the dogs are still with me and everyone is safe and happy.

We're finally over the hump, in more ways than one.

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