Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Social Butterfly

Her daddy was a beast that wanted to murder any stranger who got near my wife, her mommy is bat-shit crazy, and she wasn't properly socialized. Let's just say that I was trying to manage my expectations that Zoey would ever be a normal dog. But I had to try.

Now she struts on walks. She also runs ahead until the leash tightens, just like a normal dog would. But she's Zoey, so she will run ahead, stop, turn around and look at me like she's saying "Pet, walk, faster, pet!" and then she tugs on the leash again.

A large man said hi to her, and she gave more of a "hrmph" than a bark. And rather than looking and listening for monsters that are going to murder us, she soaks it all in like a little kid would. She hears birds in trees and stops to look at them, and smell little leaves on the ground. It's the same wonder as a child. I feel happy for her, because she is so intelligent, and her life seems more fulfilling when she's not scared of everything.

Zoey is turning into a social butterfly.

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