Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tandem Walk

Today was a big milestone in our walking. We did Zoey and Ty at the same time. It was really windy, and there were a lot of leaves blowing by us on the street, and that made Zoey scared a little. But she plodded on. We walked by a kid walking his bike down the middle of the street. It was hard to tell if he was laughing, crying or sneezing. That made Zoey nervous and she gave a couple warning barks. But they were the confident, tail up barks, not aggression barks. Like she was saying "Just FYI, you might want to take a couple steps back from my pet."

Ty was a trooper like he's always been. He's more the typical dog. Walks make him poop, and we have to stop and smell everything, especially anything that smells like other dogs. But he walks like a champ, and follows orders and cues like tugging on the leash to get him to move it along.

Together they did pretty good. My brother walks his two large, wolf-beast-things together and he has come close to dislocating his shoulder when his two boys see a squirrel. I have the opposite problem, where a squirrel could injure one of my dogs. A couple weeks ago, a squirrel ran sprinting down the center of the street and stopped right in front of Ty, who looked up at me like he was saying "Uh, boss, this thing in front of us looks a little shifty," and we kept walking. Dogs and squirrels both have that built in predator/prey role, so the last thing a squirrel wants to normally do is tangle with a dog. So hopefully we don't meet any more psychotic squirrels.

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