Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yummy Eggs

I make a mean macaroni salad, and being a decent cook, I don't like to come to a barbecue empty handed. And with a big batch of macaroni salad, I usually hard boil a couple extra eggs just in case something goes wrong like one breaks open while boiling.

And tonight as it dawned on me that I didn't have any good snacks for the dogs, I peeled one of the leftover eggs, cut it into fourths and gave each Chihuahua his or her portion. The girls will dry heave if they don't get a small meal at night.

These are dogs that have been used to human quality chicken and rice dinners the last few weeks, so I was surprised to have the whole pack get worked up about a late night snack. Zoey jumped on my shoulder. I said "oh, you like the eggs, do you?" and she looked at me with understanding. I said "go get the rest" and she looked at me, looked at the counter, looked back and me and it's almost like she was saying "Pet, you took them from over there and put them in the silver box. Pet, use your thumbs to open it..."

I was going to maybe integrate some black beans to augment the chicken, but my recipe already has green beans, so I think it's going to be eggs as the perfect, cheap extra protein I was looking for. Hopefully this will balance their diet some more, and I won't argue with saving money.

The bacon wasn't horrible as treats, but it does have salt and nitrates, and they seem to like the eggs more than the bacon. The bacon isn't great for me, but hey, 4 pieces for breakfast with 2 pieces of toast and a morning workout is light years ahead of where I was. So the doggies can have the eggs and I'll have the bacon!

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