Saturday, October 10, 2015

Adjusting To Single Life

The other morning, I woke up giggling. My place is spotless. My life is organized. There's food in the
pantry and fridge. I'm not at a job I hate. No one is yelling at me for anything. I'm debt free with a few bucks in the bank. I'm in decent health and lift weights every day. My doggies are safe and happy, and they are my only responsibility. I could gas up the truck, hitch it to my house on wheels and go wherever I want. I'm being super picky about looking for the right job, and just the right relationships in general.

When I was sad for everything I lost and feeling sorry for myself, I could see this place I'm at now. It seemed a million miles away, but I could see it. The old me, who made success look easy, except with the freedom that the old me couldn't dream of.

Recently I read a quote about health and fitness that said:

"Life is pain, but you can choose whether to have good pain, or bad pain."

It's a rainy day here in Hillsboro


  1. Oh Em Gee that precious little snoot!

    1. Yeah, even her snout is photogenic :-)