Saturday, October 31, 2015

Computer Problems

Zoey helped me fix my computer today. This big desktop that I normally sit in front of was randomly powering off. It's actually more like 3 or 4 desktops because I run virtual machines, which means that I usually have several desktop computers in front of my face even though I only have the hardware for one big one. In the old days, I literally had a whole room full of computers. Aint progress grand.

I had waited until the problem got to the point of where the computer wouldn't even power on. I woke up this morning, turned on the computer and thought "oh yeah, it doesn't work, and I didn't feel like fixing it last night."

Someone once ignorantly told me "I'm buying this mechanic's car, so you know everything is perfect!" and I said "No, a mechanic's car means he did the absolute minimum work to it to keep it running."

Being a computer engineer is no different. I had the new case fan sitting on the counter for the last month, knowing my desktop was probably overheating. And I chose to be in denial over the fact that the video card fan wasn't spinning right, either, and overheating the whole machine meant I was probably damaging the video card as well.

So, today Zoey and I put in the new case fan and blew the dust out of the innards with a can of "dust off," which had to be done inside next to the screen door because it was raining. Sure enough, the video card fan started "chattering" when I put it back together, so I ordered a new one from What's funny is the new video card will probably sit there on the counter until the old one fails.

Rainy weather, and I felt yucky last week, so we're all antsy here all couped up. Not much walking or activity outside. Speaking of antsy, the box of ant bait has been waiting on the counter as well...

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