Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cottage Cheese For Spot

It was during her pregnancy 4 1/2 years ago that Spot stopped eating normally, and hasn't been normal ever since. I was working long hours at the time, and the missus did research, called the vet and otherwise scrambled to figure out some trick to where she would eat normally. That miracle food turned out to be cottage cheese, which took her from a skinny, pregnant thing that looked like she would lose the puppies, to a perfect weight where she whelped 6 healthy puppies. No easy feat with a dog as small as spot. Our vet was impressed.

Now fast forward a few years, and I just happened to buy a tub of cottage cheese a couple days before Spot got hit with whatever bug hit her two puppies. Most vets sigh when you mention dogs and cheese in the same sentence, but I know from experience that Spot and her puppies tolerate most types of cheese. Their papa, Lenny, was lactose intolerant like most dogs, but the puppies didn't get that--they got Spot's strong constitution for the most part.

"Who wants snacks?"

Today Spot is doing much better. We switched to a spoon to distribute the cottage cheese, as a spoon has no sharp edges for Zoey to bite down on. I personally can't stand cottage cheese and don't eat it, but it really perks Spot up. Even being sick last night, she still had enough energy to "Spot Block" Zoey inside the crate behind her, refusing to let her out.

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