Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dinner Beast

Lenny ate every meal of his life as if it was his last. Even with a bad heart, a bad back and bad knees, he would still race across the room and take food away from his offspring, right up to within days of his passing.

All the sons and daughters of Lenny love food, but only Zoey is a beast around food like her papa Lenny was. She is ever bit as ornery.

She's definitely feeling better, because tonight she almost put herself back in the hospital by jumping too hard at a fork with some salad on it. She almost impaled herself over a piece of lettuce. It didn't draw blood and she didn't yelp, but she spent the next several hours licking her chops in discomfort.

The ex used to be able to have them all line up and take a healthy snack from a fork like civilized canines, so I guess it's time to stop being the cool dad and return to that discipline!

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