Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doggy Prozac

Years ago my doctor tried me on Prozac to quit smoking. He said "if anyone asks, you're depressed about being a smoker" haha. It worked beautifully at first. I had no urge to smoke. The problem was that I had no urges whatsoever. This was even OK for a while. No urges to eat, so I lost some weight. No urges to work, so I'd cut out early. But after a while I decided I'd rather be a happy smoker than a zombie non-smoker, and it was a few more years before I eventually quit smoking.

So, when Spot turned her nose up at a pill coated with peanut butter, my first thought is that the Prozac is going to make her even more picky of an eater. But she has crippling anxiety, so she's not going to be a happy anything without some kind of medication.

We are going to try the thunder coat as well. I want to give the Prozac a few more days so she'll be hopefully calmer when I go to measure her with the fabric tape. So far it's working OK except for her being a little listless and now more picky about taking food.

Last night I didn't cover the antibiotic good enough with the peanut butter, and she spit out the pill the first time, so hopefully this isn't the start of having to spend an hour each pill with all the trauma that causes, like Ty there for a while. Being able to trick 3 of 4 into taking a pill is a number I'd like to keep!

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