Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lab Results

The vet was pretty sure it was a parasite, but the labs came up clean, so they just gave me the antibiotic that she responded to--the same ones her puppies had taken. So, I know if she gets sick again, this med will work, but I'm still dumbfounded about what it is. But I'm sure it's some type of microbe that was / is giving my doggies grief.

Spot's lab results came back good for the Prozac as well. We will check back in about a month with the liver enzymes again, and if everything is fine and the Prozac is working, then she can stay on it. We're only at day two on that, so it'll be a week or so before I see a difference, if there's going to be one.

Spot was being difficult with her meds this morning. Today at the vet, they gave me the antibiotics and said "have you ever given Spot meds?" and I said "Oh yes, Spot would eat shards of glass if I covered them in peanut butter." and there were lots of chuckles in the waiting room. So of course Spot proved me wrong and kept sucking the peanut butter off the antibiotic and spitting it out, like her sons Bear or Ty would do. But I think it was just early and she's not used to getting snacks this early in the morning--I'm the same way. Don't show me food before noon.

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