Monday, October 12, 2015

More Tummy Problems

It must've been a bad batch of buttermilk pancakes, because I had tummy problems last night, and now Zoey does, too. Smokey was trying to lay on my lap and looking up and me, frowning. Buttermilk pancakes from a box seemed pretty fool proof.

Oh, well, it was an extra box that's pretty much gone--I normally buy just the regular Krusteaz that my wife gave them as treats every day for a few years, so I know we all tolerate that brand. And I know they didn't have any butter or syrup like I had on mine. We might need to find another carb type snack--we'll see.

Zoey is currently the only one having visible issues, which is good. It's nowhere near as bad as when I took her to the hospital. I did see a tiny bit of blood, so I hit her with both medications I have leftover from her two day ER stay.

I'm in much better financial shape than last time. And last time I didn't have extra medication lying around, so we're only at DEFCON1 here now. Oh, and last time I was having blurred vision while my eyes adjusted to not being sick, and I almost hit a center divider coming back home at 2 in the morning. I couldn't even read the road signs picking her up a couple days later in broad daylight. There was nothing else to do other than "man up" and do it myself because all my siblings were at work.

What a difference even a couple months makes. No, it's a little stressful, but entirely less scary. And she's eating and wagging her tail tonight, which are the two biggest signs my last vet used to tell me to look for. These little dogs are high difficulty on a good day. Either way, it's safe to say that our late pancake dinner last night was not a big hit.

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