Friday, October 16, 2015

No Weekend Away

The truck was gassed up and loaded up. Extra dog food was made and extra human snacks were packed. We were all ready to go to Spot's favorite place on earth, the cabin in the woods, when she starting making the bloody spots that put Zoey and Ty in the doggy hospital last time.

I hit her with Zoey's meds, and if she's not better by tomorrow, then we're going to the "daytime ER" since the two vet hospitals here split up their shifts. She's not looking sick like Zoey did, and she's taking food and took the meds just fine. She's eating and wagging her tail.

The last vet told me that it was something they ate, and not something they caught, but now I'm not so sure, since it doesn't seem like it's had anything to do with the food. The other night was definitely bad pancakes for me and Zoey, but this seems like something else, and now it's hit dog #3. And Spot is my most nutritionally scrutinized dog since she's the picky eater. She's a well oiled machine as far as food is concerned. I know for a fact everything she's eaten has been safe.

Unlike Zoey, who is a delicate flower, Spot is tough as nails, and she whelped 6 puppies, so I'm not as worried about her since she's closer to Ty's level of symptoms than Zoey's. I feel bad that we have to put off our trip since it's to her favorite place, but as my sister pointed out, a little kid doesn't want to go to Disneyland if she's sick, so we'll go next weekend.

Better safe than sorry. And Spot was my next big project anyway. I was already planning on taking her to the vet to talk about her anxiety issues. Right now every bloody spot has to be cleaned up with Resolve, since being sick coupled with her normal anxiety means that she's too scared and anxious to use the piddle pads, like she knows she's supposed to do, which just adds to her anxiety. Poor girl, but at least each dog has only had it once so far, so hopefully it'll be something they catch and then are immune to. If not, well, I budgeted for this kind of stuff.

As a puppy, Smokey once ate a tube of diaper rash cream and pooped blue foam for days, so his stomach has always been made of iron, or he simply wouldn't be around with all the weird stuff he's eaten in his 10 years. So, hopefully it's nothing that will affect him, and this will all blow over with Spot. I had bought some cottage cheese just for her late night snacks, so it'll be telling if she eats it tonight.

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