Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pancake Dance

After the last debacle with pancakes, I was wary of making them again. I didn't know certain types of mix could go bad, even unopened. But I have a brand new big bag of our normal brand, and over the years the ex proved that pancakes make a decent carb snack for little dogs. I realized a couple weeks or so ago that I had the doggies on what was mostly an Atkins diet, which I've never been a huge proponent of.

Our new pancake treat time has been a smashing success. Zoey in particular does her special "pancake dance" which I am trying to be quick enough to get a video of soon.

"Someone said 'pancakes' ?"

Just like the doggies' homemade chicken and rice I make for them, I make a bunch in advance. Then I just take a pancake out of the fridge and divide it up when it's treat time.

But I have run into a couple feeding snags. Even as an overachiever show-off, there's been a couple times when it's slipped my mind that I'm out of my home cooked dog food, and it's close to an hour by the time it's done and cooled off enough for them to eat, and I don't like feeding them an hour or two late.

I only make a couple days' worth at a time to give them the freshest dinner, just like I would do for people, but that might be overly ambitious even for someone without a lot of time constraints.

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